In May, 2012 the Dartmouth Housing Authority received full ownership of the O’Connor-Sisson House!  We are very excited as this allowed us to move forward!  In December, we appeared before the Zoning Board and were granted all waivers.  Again, another phase completed.

A Local Screening Committee has been chosen and we are awaiting final approval from DHCD of this group.  RFP’s (Requests for Proposals) were advertised for so that an Architect may be selected for the final set of plans.  Our non-profit, Partners in Housing, will meet to approve of the architect that the DSC recommends.  All of this should be completed in the very beginning of March, 2013.

Our LSC has been approved:  welcome Michael Walker, Richard Asquino and Robert Gomes!  We are excited to work with you on this project and future ones!

The LSC met and interviewed three architectural firms for the final phase of designer planning.  Their selection will go before our non-profit board. Partners in Housing, for final vote.  Once this is achieved, final plans will be developed to be forwarded to DHCD for the funding process!  Wish us luck!

As you can see, we are moving forward and with positive steps!!!  Check the website for further developments.

June 2013 update:  we are in the application phase for funding of this project.  Architect is on board and some demolition has taken place in order to begin the construction bidding phase.  The non-profit, Partners In Housing, will be applying for CPC funds in the fall round.  We are busy!!!!  Stay tuned as we move forward!


Just an update on where the Dartmouth Housing Authority stands with respect to the future site of Veterans’ housing at the former State Police Barracks.  The deed is in the “signing” phase!  Bids from Architects for design and Consultants for planning have been received and opened.  Contracts for both services will be worked on and awarded in approximately 30 days.  We are excited about our progress and look forward to moving onward.

Step Two:  We have become the proud owner of the former State Police Barracks and will be known, from here on, as the O’Connor-Sisson House.  Mrs. O’Connor and Mrs. Sisson were on hand for the unveiling of the sign!

As of December 30th, plans are progressing well!  The DHA continues to work with the Town, Consultants, Architects and Engineers.  Site plans and elevations as well as environmental testing are near completion.  We look forward to beginning the next stages, financing and planning, shortly after the New Year!

It’s July, 2012 and we are moving forward…..slowly but surely.  Over the past months, many meetings have been held with Attorneys, Consultants, heads of the Town, Architects and Engineers.  Site plans are being finalized and soon we will be going forward with zoning.  Then onward to funding!  This is an exciting endeavor and thanks to the hard work of all involved, it is a positive endeavor thus far.  Stay tuned for more updates as they occur.

Happy New Year!  It is January, 2015 and the Dartmouth Housing Authority with Partners in Housing, LLC are proud to announce that we have been funded!  We are so excited and most appreciative to all the people on the various teams that made this work!  Our next step…..the closing and bidding!